Stewart Granger was indeed born James Lablanche Stewart.

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> >>You are confusing Stewart Granger with Farley Granger. It was Farley who
> >>appeared in Rope opposite John Dall. Although I think Stewart would have
> been
> >>rather hot in it.
>      a rather more interesting "error" than might
>      at first appear . . . for i believe that the actor
>      who went by the name of stewart granger was
>      in fact named james stewart but was unable to
>      use his own name because it was, as we all know,
>      already "taken" so to speak . . . and of course the
>      other james stewart plays opposite farley granger
>      in ROPE,  giving the film a portmanteau "stewart
>      granger" and making leo right in a joycean kind
>      of way
>      mike
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