Ken Mogg writes:

> P.S. Didn't someone on this site pull me up a while ago about my saying
> that the fairground scene in Hitchcock's MR AND MRS SMITH (1942) is set
> at the New York World's Fair?  The person thought that the setting is
> Coney Island.  Well, I notice that Prof. Peter Conrad's new book, 'The
> Hitchcock Murders' (Faber), says this: 'The [scene is set in] the
> grounds where the World's Fair was held in 1939'.  Sounds like neither
> of us (me or my 'corrector') got it quite right.

Apparently, everyone is right.  According to a webpage devoted to the
Fair, the parachute jump was installed as an amusement for the fair,
then moved to Coney Island!  See:

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