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Jeremy Braddock and Stephen Hock, editors
Foreword by Andrew Sarris

University of Minnesota Press | 312 pages | 2001
0-8166-3533-1 | Hardcover | $47.95
0-8166-3534-X | Paperback | $18.95
Commerce and Mass Culture Series

A new estimation of Hollywood¹s least appreciated director.

³What editors Jeremy Braddock and Stephen Hock have assembled is a cultural
studies book that splits the difference between your typical academic
compendium and its self-conscious parody, merging the deadly serious (this
is from the University of Minnesota Press, after all) with the quasi
irreverent (the era of High Deconstruction being over, acolytes of its
textual fetishism now move into their mock-u-retical Spinal Tap phase.²

Contributors:  Tom Conley, Jonathan P. Eburne, James F. English, Christian
Keathley, Jessie Labov, Laura Parigi, Donald E. Pease, Robert B. Ray, Craig
Saper, Andrew Sarris.

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