Submissions are sought for a collection of essays on Asian American and
Asian transnational culture. From Madonna's henna tattoos to the Oscar hype
of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Japanese place settings in the Pottery
Barn catalog and Iron Chef, Asian cultures suddenly seem to be everywhere.
Paradoxically, the current visibility of "Asian-ness" renders invisible the
cultural presence of Asian Americans. Despite the boom in both Asian
American populations and cultural productions, Asian Americans remain
permanent foreigners in the popular imagination. What is our cultural
understanding of Asian American-ness in the wake of popular constructions of
both Asian and American?

Traditionally, Asian American studies have followed two major areas of
inquiry: focusing on the tensions between assimilation and cultural
preservation or documenting the presence of Asian American cultural
production. What alternative understandings of culture exist beyond
East/West binaries? The collection editors are particularly interested in
interdisciplinary work that offers new approaches to cultural texts and
practices, articulating Asian American culture as popular culture in the

Equally welcome are topics that include (but are not limited to):
? Approaches that take up trans-national and diasporic Asian cultures
(Bollywood and its international viewership, cross-national ethnic
communities, Anime/Manga, Trans-national industries).
? Asian iconography and influence on American culture (Chinoiserie and
Asian-chic, Eastern religions, martial arts).
? Neglected/Emergent sub-cultures (Nisei ballroom dancing, import car
culture, websites and zines, beauty pageants).
? Asian Americans in the public eye (Wen Ho Lee and other political
controversies, Asian adoptees, celebrity and "stealth Asians," Lucy Liu).

Contact or send abstracts (250-300 words) or essay either by mail to Shilpa
Dave', Asian American Studies Program, Cornell University, 420 Rockefeller
Hall, Ithaca, NY, 14853-2801 or by e-mail attachment to
[log in to unmask] (Shilpa Dave), [log in to unmask] (Tasha Oren), and
[log in to unmask] (Leilani Nishime)
Proposal Deadline: November 1. Early submissions are encouraged.

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