In 1999, Film & History came forward with its
first CD-ROM Annual, a collection of new articles and
out-of-print books, all word-searchable.  This innovation
has been well-received and the journal will continue to
turn out such caches of information for years to come.

    The articles are peer reviewed by the same process
that the articles for the hard copy of the journal are evaluated;
however, our theme approach to each year's publication of the
journal has prevented us from carrying deserving publications
of importance to the field.  This CD-ROM Annual approach is
our way of coping with the problem-side of thematic publication.

    The CD-ROM ANNUAL for 2000 contains the following

1. Two books by John E. O'Connor now out of print:
American History/American Film
American History/American Television

     John supplies a new introduction to these works,
     putting his efforts (and those of the 36 authors involved)
     into context.

2. A radio show in which authors Gary Edgerton and Peter
Rollins describe their new book entitled _Television
Histories: Shaping Collective Memory in the Media Age_
(UP of Kentucky, 2001).  This is a lively call-in program
with good questions from listeners.

3. Scholarly articles under the following rubrics:
Race, Gender, Sexuality  6
History and Memory  8
War and Politics  5
Myth and Heroes 1
Technology and Film 2
European Film  2

4. There is a cache of hundreds of papers of original
source materials about the Griffith Theatre Chain
of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.   This collection
includes business records, photos of the theatres,
and lots of nuts-and-bolts information about how
motion pictures impacted local people and institutions.

A thesis or senior essay could be based on these documents
plus local newspaper files.

5. A video overview by the current Editor-in-Chief, Peter
C. Rollins who discusses the multifarious activities and
publications of Film &  History these days--to include a
few words about our last conference on The Presidency in
Film and our next conference on The American West(s) in
Film and History (Kansas City, November 7-10, 2002).

6. There are even directions on how to cite from the CD-ROM
as well as direct internet links to sources with miniscule details
on this topic--at H-NET and the MLA.

The CD-ROM ANNUAL FOR 2000 is available for individuals
and libraries.....

Good news!

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Comments: Individual subscription information on the web site
as well as information and FAQ's about the CD-ROMs. There are
also discussion items and essays on Saving Private Ryan, Amistad,
CNN's Cold War, and a host of other topics. The Table of Contents
for the last thirty years is there as well.  The most recent issue is
the first of two efforts focused on The Cold War  (Editor, Phil Landon.)

Next conference is in November, 2002, a year from this
Fall, on The American West(s) in Film, Television, and History
at the Kansas City Marriott, Country Club Plaza--just a few blocks
from the Nelson Art Gallery, a major institution and just next door
to the Kansas City Arts Institute. We are looking for energetic
people to serve as Area Chairs and will put a list of existing and
available Area Chair topics on the web site this summer.

During the Fall of 2002, we will have panels at the Puebla, Mexico meeting
of the PCA/ACA. Please contact our panel organizer, James Yates, for
details and visit the Mexico web site for lots of information on the place,
meeting, the amenities. Direct flights from Houston to Puebla at discount

Most sessions will be on the campus of the Universidad de las Americas
(UDLA), a school resembling San Diego State U or other Southern
California campuses.

Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite