Has anyone mentioned the Coen Bros' film Barton Fink? There was a painting of a
woman that was pivotal in the film.

Irene Upshur
Marymount Univ.
Arlington, VA

Peter Warren wrote:

> Ruth: A few more "painting" movies for your list:
> REMBRANDT: (1936) British, directed by Alexander Korda, with Charles
> Laughton playing Rembrandt.
> ODD MAN OUT: (1946) British, directed by Carol Reed. There is a sequence
> towards the end of the film where an obsessed painter played by Robert
> Newton is trying to paint the dying fugitive played by James Mason.
> LUST FOR LIFE (1956) USA, directed by Vincent Minnelli, with Kirk Douglas
> playing Vincent van Gogh.
> REMBRANDT - 1669: (1977) Holland, directed by Jos Stelling.
> THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY: (1965) USA, directed by Carol Reed, with Charlton
> Heston playing Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.
> Peter Warren
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> > Would love names of films that feature paintings as part of their
> > fiction, especially when the painting is being enacted, like A ZED AND
> > TWO NOUGHTS, PASSION (Godard), and a short film by Susan Seidelman where
> > a character enters a Dutch painting.
> > Thanks in advance. Ruth Perlmutter
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