Ruth: A few more "painting" movies for your list:

REMBRANDT: (1936) British, directed by Alexander Korda, with Charles
Laughton playing Rembrandt.
ODD MAN OUT: (1946) British, directed by Carol Reed. There is a sequence
towards the end of the film where an obsessed painter played by Robert
Newton is trying to paint the dying fugitive played by James Mason.
LUST FOR LIFE (1956) USA, directed by Vincent Minnelli, with Kirk Douglas
playing Vincent van Gogh.
REMBRANDT - 1669: (1977) Holland, directed by Jos Stelling.
THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY: (1965) USA, directed by Carol Reed, with Charlton
Heston playing Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.
Peter Warren
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> Would love names of films that feature paintings as part of their
> fiction, especially when the painting is being enacted, like A ZED AND
> TWO NOUGHTS, PASSION (Godard), and a short film by Susan Seidelman where
> a character enters a Dutch painting.
> Thanks in advance. Ruth Perlmutter
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