also "Life Lessons"--Scorsese's segment of _New York Stories_.

I'm pretty sure there is a giallo about a painter--I'm not sure which.  There is the significant artwork in _L'Uccello dalle piume
di cristallo_, but it might have been a drawing.

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> I believe there is an Italian collective film
> (Pasolini directed one of its parts) in which they are
> in fact filming different religious paintings. Maybe
> someone from the list will recall the title.
> See as well the importance of paintings in films like
> "The Age of Innocence" or "Barry Lindon"
> Silvia Fernandez
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> --- ruth perlmutter <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Would love names of films that feature paintings as
> > part of their
> > fiction, especially when the painting is being
> > enacted, like A ZED AND
> > TWO NOUGHTS, PASSION (Godard), and a short film by
> > Susan Seidelman where
> > a character enters a Dutch painting.
> > Thanks in advance. Ruth Perlmutter
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