I remember seeing a report on Entertainment Tonight a number of years ago about a film where about 30 stars were gathered for a weekend where there was money hidden, and everything in the film was improv around a scenario.  I saw a previously viewed copy of the film for sale once, but didn't buy it.  All I remember is that it was rated R, and had a box with a red on black color scheme.  I thought Julia Louis-Dreyfus was in the cast, but there is no such film credited to her on the IMDb.  Can anyone help?

Scott Andrew Hutchins

"It's a queer world, and the longer I live in it the queerer I find it.  Once I thought it would be a good idea to regulate things myself, and run the world as it ought to be run; but I gave it up long ago.  The world's a stage, they say; but the show ain't always amusing, by a long chalk, and sometimes I wish I didn't have a reserved seat."--John Merrick, _Aunt Jane's Nieces_, by L. Frank Baum

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