i'd like to again thank everyone who has responded so quickly and
courteously to my query.

the story i was assigned was to dig up and report on any possible
rumors, legends and media spin that "nosferatu" received possibly
linking it to the origin of some of the concepts illustrated in "shadow
of the vampire". my assignment was never to pass these possible rumors,
legends and media spins off as fact, but to connect today's film, filled
with interesting yet outrageous allegations (presented as a fiction, of
course), to the film of the early 1920s.

"nosferatu" of course in turn was an interpretation of a novel, the
novel in turn an interpretation of other stories and folk lore, which
were in turn interpretations of historical characters and odd
occurrences predating 24-hour news documentation and modern medicine.

i'm interested in anything concerning "nosferatu" and "shadow" -- i have
written pieces in the past comparing famous historical moments to their
silver screen portrayal...i am hunting for myths to burst:
- was "max schreck" a real name or a stage name created for 1922's
symphony of terror?
- did the producer of "nosferatu" at some point simply disappear from
the public eye (which could be a myth "explained" by "shadow" with his
- does vampiric folk lore say a vampire has no shadow?
- other points...

i sincerely hope i've not offended anybody by my serious query for
information -- i do have a reputation too, in my field, as one who
researches and checks facts thoroughly, looking for corroboration,
sometimes to the point of contention with others i must interact with in
my profession. this is one reason why i engage film historians in
discussion when i find conflicting presentations of fact elsewhere.

again, my thanks.

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> Let's not let facts get in the way of a good story.

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