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We are thinking about possibly doing something on
the urban legend portrayed in the recent Hollywood release "shadow of
the vampire", that way back when the silent film "nosferatu" was
shooting in germany -- and perhaps during its release here too -- rumors
were circulating that max schreck was, in fact, a vampire.

have you run across this myth/possible publicity stunt? if not, any
ideas who might know about such things, or where i might look? internet
research has been pretty dry on the subject, at the most simply saying
- scheck was wonderfully creepy in makeup
- he was a prolific actor
- "nosferatu" was probably the stage actor's first film
- "max schreck" means something like "maximum terror" or "ultimate
shreak" in german
- the movie ran into problem's with bram stoker's estate and a judge
ordered all prints burned
- he might have studied with stanislavski, etc.

...but no real firm tales of the story circulating or funny/creepy
behind-the-scenes production anecdotes related by schreck's co-stars, or
even myths that came to life in hollywood long after the film was out of

Bill Didio

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