First, I do not agree that it is easy to separate racism from the apparently
simple and transparent question of what Shari L. Rosenblum calls
"comply[ing] with U.S. regulations"--as if these regulations are simply a
matter of rational efficiency.  It's not that the regulations in question
are entirely irrational, not at all, but doesn't a certain amount of
paranoia figure into the list of countries selected for special treatment?

Second, I think many of us are not concerned as much with the regulations as
the way they are enforced, a way we find out of keeping with our ideals for
the American justice system--ideals often trammeled but not thereby

Finally, if even the very diligent Ms. Rosenblum, with all her "actual legal
/ historical facts" from the Federal Register, cannot entirely determine
which papers filmmakers need to touch down on U. S. soil, then perhaps the
regulations are not so simple and transparent as all that, nor so easy to
comply with.

Edward R. O'Neill

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