In answer to Question 2: The Fassbinder play is called "Der Mull, die Stadt und
der Tod" in German;  "Garbage, the City and Death" in English. The play was
written in 1975, and published by Suhrkamp in 1976. The play was made into a
film, directed by Daniel Schmid, under the title of "Schatten der Engel",
released in 1979. New German Critique has documented controversies around the

Halligan wrote:

> Colleagues -
> two questions (time allowed: one hour)
> 1) tarkovsky's father died after tarkovsky: did he write a poem about his
> son's death? i know he wrote poems about the young andrei.
> 2) does anyone know the name of the rainer werner fassbinder play published
> or performed recently in germany about a well-endowed gay nazi jewish german
> property developer? it caused a minor after-the-event scandal.
> with thanks -
> ben halligan
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