Dear Reagan Ross:
One answer to your question is to inform you of the Political Film Society,
which was formed in 1986 to honor filmmakers who make important political
You will see from reviews on our website ( that many
recent films critique capitalism, though of course in the House Un-American
Activities Committee found many anti-capitalist films in the witch hunt in
the decade after World War II.
Since you obviously have discerning taste, why not join the Political Film
Society? Membership in the Political Film Society initially costs $5.
Membership privileges include eligibility to nominate and to vote for the
best political films each year while receiving bi- or tri-monthly
newsbulletins about recently released films and news about the latest
publications on political aspects of film.
The Political Film Society has a worldwide membership, larger than all
international film award societies except for the Academy Awards.
So long as you maintain a working email address, the $5 provides life
Kindly send a $5 check to "Political Film Society," PO Box 461267, Los
CA 90046 and become our newest member.
Happy Filmviewing,
Michael Haas, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Political Film Society

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