Any Ken Loach film would show the denigrating effects of capitalism on
society's poorer members.  Riff-Raff is probably the most accessible, with
the building site a microcosm of capitalism leading to workers' alienation
and burning down the building.

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> I was wondering if list members have any suggestions of films that directly
> or indirectly critique capitalism. I know this is a broad categorization,
> ranging from Chaplin to Godard, Bunuel to _American Beauty_, but I am not
> looking for some exhaustive, comprehensive list, instead I am looking for
> films that list members think are particularly striking or useful examples
> of this.
> Further I am also interested in any literature (in the film studies arena)
> on the following: Marxist studies or analyses of cinema or particular
> films, any work that has used Jameson, any texts or essays that have dealt
> with the political in general, and any studies on the didactic.
> Thank you so much.
> Best,
> Reagan
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