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A Film by Carl-Gustaf Nykvist

Considered one of the foremost cinematographers in the history of film, 
Sven Nykvist is best known for his work with Ingmar Bergman, a 
collaboration that spanned three decades and produced some of the most 
important films of modern cinema.

Through film clips from Nykvist’s remarkable oeuvre and interviews from an 
array of film personnel who’ve worked with him over the years, including 
Ingmar Bergman, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Liv Ullman, Susan Sarandon, 
and a host of others, LIGHT KEEPS ME COMPANY – directed by Sven Nykvist’s 
son – profiles the life and work of the celebrated Swedish cinematographer.

"A moving, multi-layered portrait of veteran Swedish cinematographer Sven 
Nykvist, [LIGHT KEEPS ME COMPANY] is essential viewing for film buffs - and 
anyone interested in the making of quality movies." -- Variety


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