CALL FOR PAPERS: The Arts of the Americas at Congress V     Deadline is 1 June.
        Event is 18-21 October, 2001 in Puebla, Mexico

2001 marks the inaugural year for sessions devoted to the Arts of the
Americas as part of the Congresso de las Americas biennial conference. Papers
on any aspect of art in the two Americas will be considered but we are
especially interested in those relating to the theme of "identity" and
self-expression. Artists often reveal deeply personal concerns through art
relative to their own ethnic backgrounds, their responses to the calls of
nationalism, their ideas associated with gender and life style, and the
impact of intimate experiences and personal tragedies. Nowhere is this mix of
identity crisis themes more evident than in the arts of the Americas where
descendants of immigrants and natives alike still struggle with questions
regarding their places in the multi-cultural climate of the New World. Papers
might deal with issues of ethnicity or "mestizidad" (mixture), of the ways in
which gender. Religion and custom influence the visual artist's work, or of
the response to violence and corruption associated with the revolutionary era.

Full information on the Congress, including data on travel, hotels,
registration, and amenities can be found on the web site for the meeting:

Mail or e-mail a one-page proposal for a twenty minute presentation to Robert
Sheardy, Jr. at Kendall College of Art and Design, 17 Fountain NW, Grand
Rapids, MI 49503-3002. A slide projector will be provided. For more
information contact

Robert Sheardy
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