Greetings friends of East German film!

ICESTORM International, Inc., located in Northampton, Massachusetts,
offers an excellent selection of films produced by the East German Film
Studios, DEFA.  Spanning from 1946 to the 1990s, the entire DEFA Studios
archive represents Europe's largest cohesive national cinema collection
(over 10,000 titles!).  Currently ICESTORM offers over 60 titles chosen
from this massive film library both on VHS and DVD formats.  All titles
have been remastered with improved picture and sound quality, and brand
new subtitles.  Working closely with the DEFA Film Library at the
University of Massachusetts, we have developed many ideas for
implementing these works into German Studies curricula.

DEFA represented to East Germany what Hollywood means to the United
States today.  The legendary DEFA Film Studios produced films of all
genres attracting mass audiences and international critical acclaim.
For children, ICESTORM offers a selection of live action fairy tale
classics adapted from the stories of the Brothers Grimm and Hans
Christian Andersen.  Tales such as "The Golden Goose" and "The Singing,
Ringing Tree" are dubbed into English for younger viewers to enjoy.  For
those interested in the history of the German Democratic Republic, we
offer a number of documentary films that provide an "insider"
perspective to historical events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and
the Cold War.  Literature enthusiasts will be intrigued by the selection
of classic literary works such as "The Marriage of Figaro" and "The
Merry Wives of Windsor," brought to life with exquisite costumes and
enchanting music.  Not to mention a number of internationally recognized
feature films like "Jacob the Liar," "Hot Summer," and "The Legend of
Paul and Paula."

Currently ICESTORM has a special offer entitled "East German
BLOC-busters of the Cold War" which highlights the DEFA films which deal
with the Cold War.  Please respond to this email if you are interested
in hearing more about the titles that we offer and how these films can
be implemented into German related curricula.


Brian Chartrand
ICESTORM International, Inc.
78 Main Street, Suite 401
Northampton, MA 01060
tel.: (413)587-9334
fax: (413) 587-9305
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