Press Release:  3.25.01
(Greetings From Planet Telluride)

Dear Independent Filmmakers, Videomakers, and Screenwriters,

March 31 (2001) ends our "First Call for Entries" - so if you want to
take advantage of *discounted* entry fees, you need to register your
entries *online* (soon) at:

----------- As well:

We need to *receive* your entries *by* March 31 (2001) - along with
their entry fees - to be eligible for these *reduced* rates.

Please Note:  If you pay your entry fee with a *credit card*, you
will *secure* your entry in the festival's 'preview and selection'

----------- Mailing Instructions:

Please send your entries to:

Telluride IndieFest 2001
P.O. Box 860
Telluride, CO  81435

2-3 day 'priority mail' is recommended.

Also - please do *not* 'overnight' your entries (via  FedEx, UPS, or
Airborne Express) to the festival's *physical* address - for the Post
Office Box (our mailing address) is *highly* preferred.


We look forward to your participation this year!

Film and Write On,

Michael Carr
Director:  Telluride IndieFest

Showcasing the *best* independent films and screenplays in the world!

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