That's a great story from Dr. Monti, though of course it's got to be at
least as much about gender as anti-intellectualism in film studies.
Though I understand the cautionary lesson of that student's letter, I
maintain some optomism that we can blend the theoretically sophisticated
with the student-friendly in a way that entertains while impressing
students that we mean (analytic) business.  I regard scholars such as
Bordwell, Thompson, and Staiger as important parts of that mix.
Thompson's new book should be helpful in that regard as well.
    BTW, has anyone got good scholarship on the teeny-bopper movies,
especially ones focusing on girls?  I have students probing deviance and
revenge against guys/adults in movies such as The Craft, Heathers,
Heavenly Creatures, Wild Things, Jawbreakers, Carrie, etc.  The slasher
movies are well covered, but I'd like to see chapters/articles on the
other movies as well.  thanks.

Neal King
Belmont University Sociology

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