Scopešs New Book and Film Reviews are now posted, including film reviews
special edition on films within films. See Contents and Link below:

"The Men Who Came Back": Anonymity and Recognition in Local British Roll of
Honour Films (1914-1918), By Michael Hammond

Fly Away Home and the Hollywood Conservationist Movie, By David Ingram

Defining "Animation": The Animated Film and the Emergence of the Film Bill,
By Paul Ward

"It's Like Painting Toys Blue and Pink" (Martha Coolidge, 1996): Marketing
and the Female-Directed Hollywood Film, By Rachel Williams

Book Reviews:
Animation, A Review Article by George S. Larke

The Art of Record: A Critical Introduction to Documentary, By John Corner
and Doing Documentary Work, By Robert Coles, A Review by Anthony B. Chan

Cat People, By Kim Newman, and The Dread of Difference: Gender and the
Horror Film, Edited by Barry Keith Grant, A Review by Steven Schneider

Deconstructing Disney, By Eleanor Byrne and Martin McQuillan, A Review by
Annalee R. Ward

Global Television and Film: An Introduction to the Economics of the
Business, By Colin Hoskins, Stuart McFadyen and Adam Finn, A Review by
Martin Flanagan

The Magic Mirror: Moviemaking in Russia 1908-1918, By Denise J. Youngblood,
A Review by Birgit Beumers

Media in Global Context: A Reader, Edited by Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi,
Dwayne Winseck, Jim McKenna, and Oliver Boyd-Barrett, A Review by Katrina
Daly Thompson

Politics and Popular Culture, By John Street, A Review by Pedro Nunes

Re-Viewing Reception: Television, Gender and Postmodern Culture, By Lynne
Joyrich, A Review by Sarah A. Matheson

Shane, By Edward Countryman and Evonne von Heussen-Countryman, A Review by
Jo Eadie
Visual Culture: The Reader, Edited by Jessica Evans and Stuart Hall, A
Review by Francis Frascina

Film Reviews
Beau Travail, A Review by Dayna Oscherwitz

The Cell, A Review by Lisa K. Perdigao

China Gate, A Review Essay by Andrew Grossman

Chopper, A Review by Kate Egan

Hollow Man, A Review by Marlon Kuzmick

Nurse Betty, A Review by Jacob R. Smith

The Thomas Crown Affair, A Review by Mark Jancovich

Titus, A Review by Pascale Aebischer

What Lies Beneath, A Review by Phillip Serrato

X-Men, A Review by Keith McDonald

A Special Edition of Scope Film Reviews
Portals: Exploring Films within Films
Introduction, by James Lyons

Arizona Dream, A Review by Gordon Reavley

Celluloide, A Review by Luca Prono

Day for Night, A Review by Sachiko Shikoda

The Icicle Thief, A Review by Damian Sutton

Last Action Hero, A Review by Rebecca D. Feasey

Love and Death on Long Island, A Review by Scott F. Stoddart

The Man with a Movie Camera, A Review by Kara L. Andersen

Notting Hill, A Review by Will Brooker

The Player, A Review by Chris Ames

Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, A Review by Elizabeth Abele

Sherlock, Jr., A Review by Ira Nayman

Stardust Memories, A Review by Paul Grainge

Summer of '42, A Review by Shlomo Shpiro

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