Areas, Area Chairs, and Contact Data:
Below are Area Chairs for the meeting.  Contact them first and
then move forward to registration on the web site....When all else
fails, contact Peter Rollins at [log in to unmask]

Go to the web site...Click on Popular Culture/American Culture...
Click on Subject Areas (at top of the page).  Scroll down over the various
topics for our meeting for full contact details.

Discuss  your presentation with the Area Chair and then register...

Globalization of Culture:  Ray Browne at [log in to unmask]
Tourism and Travel Culture: Douglas Noverr at [log in to unmask]
Gender and Gender Roles: [log in to unmask]
Food and Culture: Jane Creighton at [log in to unmask]
    Charismatic Leaders in Fiction and Film
    Joanne Gass at [log in to unmask]
    Fidel Castro: Early and  Late Careers
    Pending...Contact Rollins
International Technical Communications
    Michael Goss at [log in to unmask]
International Marketing Communications
    Thomas Volek at [log in to unmask]
Comics and Fotonovelas
    Jeff Williams at [log in to unmask]
Drug Wars
    Bernard Attias at [log in to unmask]
Ethnicity and Race
    Chicano Culture: Literature, Film, Theory
        Scott Baugh at [log in to unmask]
    Mexico as a Subject for Debate in the US: 1820-1861
        Lyon Rathbun at [log in to unmask]
    20th Century Mexico
        Joe Stout at [log in to unmask]
    Mexican and Latin American Images of the US
        John Bratzel and Gary Hoppenstand at [log in to unmask]
    U.S. images of Mexico and  Latin America
        Bob Beattie at [log in to unmask]
    Superrealism and Garcia Marquez
        MK Schoenecke at [log in to unmask]
    Film & History
        James Yates at [log in to unmask]
    Literature to  Film
        Anita Howard at [log in to unmask]
    Latin American and Cuban Films and Filmmakers
        [log in to unmask]
    Video Poetry
        [log in to unmask]
    Latin American Soap Operas
        Pending...Contact Rollins
        Steve Buggie at [log in to unmask]
    Dance and Culture
        Elizabeth Fine at [log in to unmask]
    Art and Architecture
        David Sokol at [log in to unmask]
    Distance Learning and the Internet Classroom
        Ken Dvorak at [log in to unmask]

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