Dear Scholars of American Culture,

       The _Guide to US Popular Culture..._ was conceived and fostered by Ray
Pat Browne after considerable discussion and debate among the various
of the PCA and ACA.  It is a dream come true.

       An enormous amount of work went into the planning of the categories and
the assignment of writing tasks.   Entries were written and rewritten.
Finally, the
various editors submitted their copy.   I remember being in the palatial
offices of
The Popular Press and seeing box after box of copy to be edited by the staff
the press.   It was a staggering sight for the visitor, but must have looked
like a
mill stone to the locals.  With the goal of achieving quality, the Brownes
their people worked through all of this raw material and came forward with a
terrific reference work.

       But it should be indicated that the sub-editors (listed in the book)
were on
the front lines, helping identify useful categories for the reference work
providing criticism and encouragement for the authors.  These sub-editors were
the worker bees and leaders which made the project come to life.   They
a lot of praise for their efforts.

       Ray Browne will have copies of this _Guide to US Popular Culture_ at
SW/Texas PCA meeting.   Naturally, it will be a featured item at the national
meeting, but the Popular Press has the 1000+ page book for sale.  Every
university library should have one....

Order via the Popular Press, Bowling Green State U, Bowling Green, OH 43403
or call 800.515.5118.

Eds. Ray and Pat Browne
Bowling Green, OH: The Popular Press, 2001.
1000+ pages
ISBN: 0-87972-821-3 in hard copy: $149

       I know of the work and concern that went
into this guide on the part of the writers, sub-editors, and editors.
It has been a labor of love and should represent the breadth and depth
of our work as scholars of popular culture.  Many a late night was spent on
the constituent elements of this compendium of insights into the popular
of our nation.

Peter Rollins

Peter C. Rollins
Director of Development
National Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association
    (National meeting in Philadelphia, April 11-14, 20001)
    Web site has program:
Popular Culture Center
Rt  3  Box  80
Cleveland,  Oklahoma    74020
(918)243-7637 and fax 5995
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