There's also Women in Film Noir, ed. E. Ann Kaplan; the updated edition from
the 1990s includes two excellent essays on the neo-noir femme fatale.  And
on that I recommend Christine Holmlund's "A Decade of Deadly Dolls," in
Moving Targets, ed. Helen Birch.


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> > My advice is to find a good book on Film Noir - there are quite a few
> around. It's really too big a subject to cover comprehensively via email.
> A book to try is _The Book of Film Noir_ ed. by Ian Cameron which has
> several useful essays.  Also, the handful of seminal essays on noir in
> _The
> Film Noir Reader_ will probably be useful as well -- the classic is
> Schrader's "Notes on Film Noir." The best book on the subject I've found
> is
> James Naremore's _More Than Night: Film Noir in its Contexts_.  It may not
> be the best thing for the two papers you're writing, Kristel, but it's
> excellent if you feel like complicating your understanding of what you are
> talking about when you're talking about film noir.
> Mikhail Gershovich

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