November 2-4, 2001
Department of Film & Digital Media
University of California-Santa Cruz


This conference will bring together for the first time scholars
working on women's contributions to the early film industry as
directors, screenwriters, stars, columnists, fans, social reformers,
and theorists.  Our purpose is to take stock of this emerging field;
to share research, approaches, and resources; and to plan together
the directions our work might take over the next few years. We hope
that scholarship produced at this event will transform not only who
is included in histories of the medium, but how that history is
written. We therefore encourage broad and imaginative conceptions in
such areas as authorship, women's labor, stardom, international
cinema, and film history itself. To accompany the conference, we are
also planning a film series that will showcase the contributions of
early women directors, screenwriters, and stars.  We hope to include
other innovative materials in an on-site exhibit.

Possible paper and panel topics may include: Reformers, Activists and
Educators; Race and Ethnicity in Early Stardom; Theories of Female
Authorship; Lost Films, Lost Histories; The Culture of Early
Hollywood; International Silent Stars; Women, Modernism, and Film
Theory; Targeting Women in Exhibition and Reception; The Female Body
in Motion: Flappers, Comedians and Serial Queens; Marriage and
Domesticity in Early Star Discourse; Memoirs, Biography and
Autobiography; Women Writing on Early Cinema;  and  Women's Labor and
Production in the Early Studio System. Possible workshop topics may
include: Working with Private Collectors and Collections; Film
Restoration and Preservation; Reconsidering Authorship; and any other
topics that would be useful to scholars working in the field.

Proposals may be for individual papers, for organized panels of 3-4
participants, or for
workshops. Proposals for papers or workshops should be 350-400 words.
Please accompany them with a short biographical statement.

Submit proposals by e-mail, fax, or conventional mail before APRIL 30th, 2001:

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