Film & History announces a number of developments:

1. The last issue of Film& History (30.2) is the second of two issues on
       Television as Historian.  Gary Edgerton did a wonderful job as special
       editor and contributor and anyone interested in television should check
       out both  issues.    They contain breakthrough scholarship.

2. CD-ROMS have been produced by Film & History and are described in
       detail at the web site.  a)The CD-ROM FOR 26 YEARS contains every
       word of the journal from 1970-1996 and is word-searchable.  Other AV
       items are on the cd-rom to include a two-hour radio show with John E.
       O'Connor, founder of the journal. b)The 1999 CD-ROM ANNUAL contains
       over 35 new articles plus two books that are out of print.  The entire
       collection is word-searchable and has an audio workshop on the
       film _Amistad_. c) The 2000 CD-ROM ANNUAL has 40 new articles plus
       two out-of-print volumes by O'Connor, all word-searchable.   All three
       cd-roms have a video introduction by the current Editor-in-Chief.

3.  Bi-ennial meeting #1 is over, but #2 is planned.
       The first Film & History international conference was conducted in
       Hollywood; the topic was THE PRESIDENCY IN FILM AND TV and
       there were some 200 speakers involved.  Two books will issue from
       the event--one on The Presidency in Film and TV and one on The
       West Wing.

       This was a terrific conference and a good time was had by all.  Even
       Richard Raack of CSU-Hayward was pleased and that is a real

       The 2nd Film & History conference is planned for the Fall of 2002 in
       This is a topic which still  has legs and the debates about the history
       and the films are worth stirring up one more time.

       We are looking for AREA CHAIRS for this meeting and invite PCA/ACA
       members to volunteer their help as leaders for the meeting.  Get
       now and be part of a successful event!

Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, etc.

       Peter Rollins, Editor-in-Chief, Film & History: An Interdisciplinary
             Journal of Film and Television Studies
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