The Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association/American Culture
Association invites panels and individual panels examining aspects of FIlm
and History for its annual conference to be held March 7-10, 2001, at the
Sheraton Oldtown Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A proceedings of the conference on CD-ROM is planned.

The Arizona Area, chaired by Jay Ann Cox, Ph.D., is looking for conference
papers and presentations on a wide range of topics, pertaining to Arizona's
popular culture, cultural and regional studies of Arizona, etc.
Pedagogical, technological
and educational subjects are welcome, as long as there's a "pop culture"

With respect to the arts, technology, education, politics, entertainment,
environment and other issues, are we really as backward and/or conservative
as the rest of the country suspects us to be?

Areas of special interest might include:
* border culture: what do we share with Mexico besides a geo-political
line? drug subcultures (various drug tunnels), immigration. Other borders
with Navajo and Hopi lands.

* tourist culture: The Thing? outlet malls, Old Tucson, theme parks, the
Grand Canyon, RV culture, truck stops, etc.

* media studies: Arizona in film, film in Arizona esp. Old Tucson,
television ("The Desert Speaks" for one), radio, the Internet, computing.

* notable Arizona figures--past and present, literary, historical, famous
and infamous

* ranch and cowboy culture

* native American studies: popular perceptions, the native response,
literature and material culture, Indian gaming, etc.

* quirky Arizona phenomena (SUVs, snowbirds, mining, golfing, rodeos, Mt.
Graham red squirrels, pgymy owls, waterskiing (?)

* technology and computers in Arizona

Please send proposals for panels and individual papers (include a 100 word
abstract and a one-page cv) by January 10, 2001, to the Area Chair:

Jay Ann Cox, Ph.D
Department of English
Building 67, ML 445
University of Arizona
Tucson AZ 85721

Electronic submissions can be made at:
If you submit your abstract to me, go ahead and send it in on the web site
too. I'll let you know within 5 business days of your acceptance.

Email the Area Chair:
mailto:[log in to unmask]

Information about the meeting and sign-up form for registration:

Credit option from U of New Mexico via Extension (505) 277-1154
Graduate credit of 1 or 2 hours: American Studies 520
Undergrad credit of 1 or 2 hours: American Studies 320
(Details at web site: credit involves readings, sessions, and a log.)
For details, forms, etc. call Theresa Bernal at 505.277.1154 or send
Theresa an e-mail at mailto:[log in to unmask]

Free trips to Isleta Casino Gambling Palace
Historic Oldtown Self-Guided Tour (by foot)

Founders of our national movement: Ray Browne and Pat Browne
Paul Rich, Universidad de las Americas (Cholula-Puebla, Mexico)

Organization's Web site with lots of data is below. We are asking
everybody to register by e-mail, using the template on the web site.

Send registration check to the following worthy:
Michael K. Schoenecke
Dept. of English
Texas Tech U
Lubbock, TX 79409

yours truly,
Jay Cox, Chair, Arizona Area
(call 520-621-1836 for the fax # if you need it)

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