Hollywood & its Discontents:
Subverting the Hollywood System 1930-70

An international conference

May 12-14, 2001
The University of Arizona

A conference considering the broad range of alternatives to
Hollywood cinema, and the mavericks, independents, and rebels
within the studio system. We are seeking papers on American and
International films, filmmakers, and institutions working in
dialectical opposition to classical Hollywood or formulating
alternatives to standard studio practice.

Abstracts are being accepted, with a target length of 250-500
words and a deadline of February 15, 2001. Remit abstracts to
Noah Lopez via e-mail at [log in to unmask], or by fax at

Website --

We are especially interested in papers that address the following

Renegade Directors (Welles, Fuller, Ray, Cassavetes, etc.)
Race Films
Avant-Garde Cinema
Women Directors (Lupino, Arzner, etc.)
Alternative Circuits of Distribution & Exhibition (drive-ins,
    roadshow, cinema societies, etc.)
Shock Film (Castle, H.G. Lewis, Wood, etc.)
Art House Cinema
New Wave/Neorealism
World Melodrama (India, Mexico, Philippines, etc.)
Immigrant Invasion (Lang, Siodmak, Ophuls, Losey, etc.)
Non-Narrative Cinema/Documentary Cinema
Studio Failures
Rebellious Stars
Poverty Row
Pre-1960 Porn
Blacklisted Artists
Serials and Shorts
Influence of Theater (Odets, Brecht, Mercury Theater, etc.)

Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite