If you're looking for an analytical perspective on issues of
blindness/vision/visuality, see the great series of tapes by video artist
Tran T. Kim-Trang called the "Blindness Series:" Aletheia (1992), Operculum
(1993), Kore (1994), Ocularis: Eye Surrogates (1997), and Ekleipsis (1998).
They're not about Hollywood, but about the issue of and the issues raised
by blindness. For more info, check out Laura Marks's article, "Video
Haptics and Erotics" Screen  39:4 (Winter 1998): 331-48 and book The Skin
of the Film (Duke UP, 2000--contains distribution info).

On AIDS and blindness, in addition to Derek Jarman's stunning Blue, see as
well the short film DHPG, Mon Amour (Carl M. George, 1989). Distribution
info in Between the Sheets, In the Streets: Queer/Lesbian/Gay Documentary
eds. Chris Holmlund and Cyndy Fuchs (UMinn P, 1997).

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