If anyone on the list is in Russia, I am looking to find out if the
animated films _Priklucheniya v Izumrudnom Gorode_ (1999) and
_Priklucheniya v Izumrudnom Gorode: Prinshchessa Ozma_ (2000) are
available on DVD, whcih I would much prefer to bootleg VHS.  I know the
1974 miniseries _Volshebnik Izumrudnogo Goroda_ is avaialble on video
CD, but I understand these tend to always have heavy artifacting
(blockiness).  I know there was another film of that title made prior to
1970 by Moskva Diafilm, and a beautiful hour-long 1994 film I also have
on bootleg video.  If anyone can tell me if DVDs are available, please
let me know how to get them.

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