Hunter Tylo sued Aaron Spelling for firing her from MELROSE PLACE when she
became pregnant. She won her case.

Sandy Camargo
Dept of English
University of Missouri

>Just in the last couple of years a Hollywood actress has sued a network,
>program and/or producer for dismissing her from a series because she was
>pregnant. I do not remember any of the names or details, but newspaper
>research should turn up something. This is probably as important as actual
>pregnant women on movie or tv screens since dismissals were likely common
>before the current age of (often quite legitimate) litigation. Likewise,
>stories and rumours about Hollywood actresses having abortions in order to
>keep acting roles have circulated for decades.
>In La nuit americain/Day for Night an actress (played by Alexandra Stewart)
>shows up pregnant for a bathing suit scene, causing an disruption. Called
>back later, she is far more obviously expecting.
>Gene Walz
>U of MB
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