Chris Ames requests:

>I'm wondering if anyone out
> there can think of other films made from multiple short stories woven
> together.  I know there are some films of Poe stories that divcide a feature
> film into three segments, but I'm thinking more of Altman's particular
> approach of using several stories by the same writer as the source for a
> screenplay.  I'm not interested here in films that are made from a single
> short story, of which, of course, there are many.  Thanks for your help,

Satyajit Ray's TWO DAUGHTERS, from stories by Tagore
Ritt's THE LONG HOT SUMMER, from stories by Faulkner
Mikhalkov's DARK EYES, from stories by Chekov
Kurosawa's RASHOMON, which is actually based on two stories
Truffaut's THE GREEN ROOM, based on "The Jolly Corner" and "The Altar
of the Dead" by James

I don't think that any of these quite match what Altman is attempting,
but at least they're not omnibus films.

Don Larsson

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