He made _Piranha II: The Spawning_ for Roger Corman before he sold the script of _The Terminator_
to his future (now ex-) wife Gale Ann Hurd for $1 on the grounds that he could direct.  He also
made a short called _Xenogenesis_, presumably while a student.

I looked up _The Magic Box_ and it doesn't appear to be out on video, but ti's easier to say for
certain that something is (or at least was), than isn't.


Datis Alaee wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I'm new to the list and have a couple of questions for you.
> 1) Does anybody know what James Cameron was doing (films, projects) before
> exploding onto the cinema scene with "The Terminator"?
> 2) Is "The Magic Box" available on video?  Can the rights be paid for it to be
> shown on a college campus?  Does anyone know which company may be the
> distributor for it?
> Thanx for your input.
> Datis ALaee
> Vice President
> SMSU Film Society
> Southwest Missouri State University
> Springfield, Missouri 65804
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