Ruth Perlmutter asks:

>Does anyone know where I could get a subtitled video of Bertrand Blier's
>MERCI LA VIE? or THANKS, LIFE, 1991). It does not appear to be available
>in the commercial venues in this country.

It's readily available unsubtitled in France - on my last trip across the
Channel a month or so ago, I noticed it on VHS (SECAM) in two or three
video shops.  You should be able to order it from, if this
is any use.

A related request - does anyone know where I could get hold of an
unsubtitled VHS, DVD or laserdisc (or, if DVD, with electronic subtitles as
a menu option rather than burnt into the picture from the source print -
i.e. it is possible to watch the film without them) of M?

Many thanks
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