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>Just a quick remark to clarify a point that is important to me: I
>absolutely agree with what you say. The point is that there is a
>difference between _making remarks_ in class that are offensive to
>believers of a certain religion on the one hand and discussing a _film_
>in class that might be offensive to the same people on the other hand.
>There is a difference between promoting pornography and discussing a
>pornographic film.

I ask the following question as a point of information, Thomas:

Are there any laws or university policies in Germany that would restrict
the showing of pro-Nazi or Neonazi films?  If they are permissible in
classroom screenings, are they also permissible in, say, a film society's
screenings or in a public cinema?

Extending your comment above, there is a clear difference between promoting
Nazism and discussing a pro-Nazi film.  I often show TRIUMPH OF THE WILL in
my classes and no one has ever accused me or my courses of being
pro-Nazi.  But I wonder if German politicians and university administrators
would feel the same way.

Jeremy Butler
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