Well, "Schloss" means several things, and one certainly is "lock."
While, in this context, Schloss sounds like a calque
(loan-translation) of the English word, that rendering of this sort
of "lock" might in fact be acceptable in contemporary colloquial
usage (of that I'm not certain). "Ortung" -- position fixing, fix --
is a more lexically sound turn of phrase, but given that German has
absorbed so many English words and turns of phrase, I wouldn't be so
sure that "Schloss" is wrong. And gosh, wouldn't "they" clear such
details of the Übersetzung w/ Arnold himself? ;)

>(Anyone else here speak german? In Schwarzenegger's total recall,
>a dialogue between guards who are looking for the escaped hero with a
>tracker device. The device goes beeep, and the following dialogue
>"I've got a lock!" - "Let's go!". In the german version, the guards
>"Ich habe ein Schloss!" - "Gehen wir!" [rough translation: "I've got a
>David Skreiner
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