Are there films that we might use in
teaching undergraduates that some of
you might prefer to use in a dubbed

     in pondering this we may well want to keep in mind
     that some films [esp. italian ones] are available
     ONLY in dubbed versions, although the "original"
     version may be dubbed by the actors who appear
     on the screen . . .

     thus when i teach bertolucci's CONFORMIST i have
     to choose between a version dubbed in italian or
     one dubbed in english -- and the lip-synch is really
     no better in the former than in the latter . . .

     i keep preferring the italian dubbed version with
     english subtitles [often barely legible] to the
     alternative, despite the yowls from my students . . .no
     doubt this is a sign of a widely shared form
     of dementia . . .


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