Scott Andrew Hutchins writes:

>Has Arthur Lubin's _A Night in Paradise_ ever been released on video?  I
>know someone (David Hulan, author of _The Glass Cat of Oz_, which you
>can find in the children's classics section of your local Borders) who
>has wanted to see it again ever since he first saw it as a kid, but
>never knew until now what it was, and now I'm intrigued.

I'm intrigued, too: the reason being that I have a poster advertising a
black-and-white political documentary about town planning ('The Way We
Live', UK 1946, dir. Jill Craigie) which is analysed at some length in my
PhD thesis.  This poster was produced by the Odeon Leicester Square
(London's biggest West End first-run cinema) .  'The Way We Live' was shown
as a B-picture, with 'A Night in Paradise' as the main attraction, for
three weeks in August-September 1946.  I've often wondered what audiences
would have made of this combination, and if 'A Night in Paradise' really is
as dreadful as the reviews it received in the British press...

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