>I'd recommend David Toop's 1995 book _Ocean of Sound: Aether Talk, Ambient
>Sound and Imaginary Worlds_.

This is a great book but I'm not too sure how much it relates to space per
se; it's more about the increasing prominence of sound/music and breakdown
(to some extent) of genre distinctions.  The Situationists wrote quite a
bit about space in the city ("psychogeography") if that's what you're
looking for; check out "The Situationist International Anthology" or for a
solid introduction Greil Marcus' "Lipstick Traces."  (There's of course a
major strain in modern literature exploring city space if that's not too
much a reach:  Apollinaire's "Zone," Joyce's "Ulysses," Biely's "St.
Petersburg," Doblin's "Berlin Alexanderplatz," Chandler's novels, etc.)

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