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Session for "First and Second Ladies"  **Images: Princess Diana and
Monica Lewinsky
Feminism, Film Theory, and First Ladies in Film

Session Topics for "First and Second Ladies"
I am putting together a series of panels on film and television coverage
of the late Princess Diana of Wales and/or Monica Lewinski

Possible topics include (but are certainly not limited to) the

–Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Diana's Official State Visits to the
White House
–Houses Bewitched: Diana and the Fall of the Royal House of Windsor
and/or Monica and the Tarnished Image of the White House
–The Princess and the Loathly Lady: Expensive Baubles or Feminists for
–True Confessions: Monica's Interview with Barbara Walters and Diana's
Interview with the BBC
–Irreconcilable Differences: President Clinton's Address to the Nation
about Monica and the Queen's Address to the Nation After Diana's Death
–Truth or Consequences: Film Theory/Populist Politics Behind the
Portrayal of the Princess Diana and Monica Lewinski in in
Movies/Documentaries About Them
–Sexual McCarthyism: Monica, President Clinton, and Ken Starr

Please contact Patricia L. Steed with a brief abstract (200-300 words)
by 1 September, 2000.
Dept of English
Northwestern Oklahoma State Univ
Alva, OK 73717
E-Mail: [log in to unmask] (office)
E-Mail: [log in to unmask]
Telephone: 580.327.8470 (office voice mail)
Telephone: 580.327.2708 (home)

Papers and panels are invited for the forthcoming conference on American
Presidents in Film, November 10-12, 2000 at the Ronald Reagan
Presidential Library. Sponsored by the Film and History League, this
event already has panels on Lincoln, Roosevelt, JFK, and "imaginary
presidents." Join such famous scholars as John Tibbetts, Jim Welsh,
Ernest Giglio, Ron Briley,
Gary Edgerton, Bruce Dennett in a three-day event which will lead to
publication (of selected articles) in an anthology from a major
university press.

There is even a credit option via California State U--Northridge for
attending the conference, conducting prescribed readings, and producing
a log of substance.

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for more information about transportation, rooms, tours, etc.

Hyatt Westlake Plaza
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