I just saw Almereyda's _Hamlet_, and in it, Paula Malcolmson plays
"Marcella," a female Marcellus who is presumably the girlfriend of
Horatio.  On stage this is relatively common.  I recently saw a
Western-style production of _The Taming of the Shrew_ at Ball state
University which had a Biondella and a Grumia, and the former seemed to
be Tranio's girlfriend.  I know this occurred during the "silent"
period; Sarah Bernhardt played Hamlet in the 1900 film, a role she had
played over 300 imes on stage.  Is anyone aware of any other sound films
which did this, particularly with supporting characters like Marcellus
whose gender was unimportant and the defaulted to male with the all-male
casts of Shakespeare's day?


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