On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Eugene Walz wrote:

> Manahatta

        Not on video, AFAIK, but Kit Parker has 16-mm prints of *Manhatta*
and *Rain* (Ivens, I presume) for nominal rentals ($US15.00).  MoMA offers
the same in 16-mm, but at a higher rate $US35 and 40.  MoMA will also
sell prints, or at least did, some five years back.

> Berlin: Symphony of a City

        Facets sells *Berlin:  Symphony of a City* with the Brock score
for $24.95 on VHS.  I'm not at my office to consult my various catalogues,
but I seem to remember Kino Video offering a version, as well, though I
may well be mistaken.  Kino tapes are excellent.  MoMA offers it in 16-mm,
silent, as I recall.

        My recollection is that the MoMA prints of the above two are in
somewhat better shape than those of KPF (not that I don't recommend
renting from Kit Parker!).

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