Tim: While this may not be of much help, there are a nunber of books which
feature movie ads. For example, I have a copy of "THOSE GREAT MOVIE ADS",
a book published by Galahad Books, New York City, compiled by Joe Morella,
Ed Z. Epstein and Eleanor Clark. Other sources are stores which specialise
in movie posters, lobby cards and other movie memorabilia. Good luck with
the hunt.
Peter Warren

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> HelloÑ
>         I am about to start a research project on American movie
> advertising, but all I can find as resources for posters and ads are a few
> Internet sites which have limited collections.   Ideally, IÕd like to
> access a collection of original Hollywood movie posters, but I donÕt know
> if such an archive exists.  Does anyone know of a public or private
> archive of movie posters and how I might find it?
>         Thanks a lotÑ
>         Tim Shary
>         Clark University
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