I'm new to this list so I hope this is within its scope.

I'm researching an article on very early Interactive TV experiments. There
are two things I'm looking for. Firstly, people who remember Winky Dink and
You to share their memories. I have found some at
http://www.tvparty.com/lostwinky.html but I'd like to chat with people who
remember this show both from the 50's and its re-run in the 60's.

Secondly I'm looking for any other early experiments. I've heard of a quiz
that was done on the border of Germany and (I think) Austria where people
registered answers to quiz questions by switching their lights on and off
(on meaning yes, off meaning no). The power company measured the
fluctuations. It has also been mentioned that Australia did a similar thing
but with toiled flushing and water supply fluctuations but I can't find and
hard evidence for either of these.

Any other pointer to Interactive TV papers and lists would be good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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