Here's a few that might be of interest:

TOO HOT TO HANDLE, with Clark Gable (set in Shanghai under Japanese

TEST PILOT, also with Gable

The last is based on a story by Frank "Spig" Wead (himself played by
John Wayne in THE WINGS OF EAGLES (1957).  Wead wrote a number of
screenplays in the 1930s that may be of use--check the IMDB for a
complete list.

Laurel and Hardy in FLYING DEUCES (1939)
Two versions of THE DAWN PATROL (1930 and 1939)

Don Larsson

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> Everyone,
>      I am currently working on my Master's degree in history from Auburn
> University.  I am desperately seeking information on British (and American)
> films from the period between 1918-1939, specifically dealing with
> representations of air power.  Anything depicted bombings, military
> aircraft, etc. would be helpful.  I also would like information on the
> avaliability of these films.  While I do not have to actually view each of
> the films, the more I can actually get my hands on the better.  The only
> four films I actually currently have are Wings, Hell's Angels, Things to
> Come, and The Big Parade.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.
> Thank You.
> Jeremy Gibson
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