>Console-ing Passions:  Television  Video  Feminism
 >University of Bristol, UK
 >5-8 July 2001
 >This will be the first appearance of the Console-ing Passions annual
 >television studies conference in Europe.  Hosted by the University of
 >Bristol Drama department, it will take place in the centrally located and
 >beautifully maintained Georgian mansion Clifton Hill House, built around
 >1747 for a Bristol merchant and ship-owner.  Support from University of
 >Bristol Alumni Foundation gratefully acknowledged.
 >Abstracts by 31st January 2001.  Submission details will be announced
 >later this summer.
 >Bristol contacts:       [log in to unmask]
 >                        [log in to unmask]
 >                        University of Bristol
 >                        Department of Drama, Theatre, Film, Television
 >                        www.bris.ac.uk/depts/drama/
 >UK Committee:   Jane Arthurs, University of the West of England
 >                Christine Geraghty, Goldsmiths College, U of London
 >                Margaret Montgomerie, University of Derby
 >                Yvonne Tasker, University of East Anglia
 >                Janet Thumim, University of Bristol
 >CPTV Board:     Dianne Brooks, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
 >                Phebe Chao, Independent scholar
 >                Jackie Cook, University of South Australia
 >                Anna Everett, University of California, Santa Barbara
 >                Jane Feuer, University of Pittsburgh
 >                Mary Beth Haralovich, University of Arizona
 >                Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin
 >                Margaret Montgomerie, University of Derby
 >                Chantal Nadeau, Concordia University
 >                Lynn Spigel, University of Southern California
 >                Chris Straayer, New York University
 >                Mimi White, Northwestern University
 >CPTV website:  www.pitt.edu/~cptv/
 >Clifton Hill House:  www.bris.ac.uk/depts/cliftonhill/

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