Jeremy Butler's colleague writes:

>>Yes it is 1.33:1 and yes it is my Academy that it refers to.  AMPAS didn't
>>have anything to do with setting the standard (that was Edison), but, as
>>Katz writes about the Academy,  "... introduced the Academy mask in an
>>effort to re-establish screen rectangularity at the then-standard aspect
>>ratio of 1.33 : 1 (or 4 : 3).  The area delineated by the mask is known as
>>the Academy Aperture."

It wasn't even Edison - his assistant, W.K.L. Dickson, made the decision
that each frame of 35mm film should be four perforations tall and occupy
the entire width of the film from perf to perf, thus effectively
standardising the aspect ratio as roughly 1:1.33.

I wonder if he could have imagined just how big the consequences were of
what must, at the time, have seemed a relatively minor decision...

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