i have to admit that my very limited mathematical/spatial
skills have made it difficult for me to follow all the details about
ways of influencing the aspect ratio of a movie. . . but i suddenly
suspect  that for years i've  been operating under a serious
misapprehension . . . so perhaps someone can set me
straight by answering a simple question:

does the "official" aspect ratio of a movie correspond to a similar
ratio in the frames as printed on the strip of film itself . . . that is, does
a de palma film with a  ratio of 2.35/1 have a different size frame on
the film than a film intended to be projected at 1.85/1? . . . or  is the
aspect ratio actually gotten in projection by a combination of
lenses and masks that depend as much on the projectionist as on
the strip of film as printed? . . .

my own no doubt naive assumption was that the frame on the
film strip already contained the proper aspect ratio, and all the
proectionist had to do  to achieve the director's or D.P.'s purpose
is project it  without messing around with it. . . . .  but it appears
that this is not the case at all


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