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>  Does anyone know if the DVD players at
> are legal?  My brother thinks they aren't.

I think the company is located in the UK, but I'm not sure. You
might break a few laws importing these modified ("chipped") players
to the USA. America, Land of the Lawsuit... :-)

>  Are there any legal code free players cheaper than the
> $950 including shipping of their cheapest?

One option would be the Yamakawa Avphile 715 - our DVD magazine
ran a review of the machine, which apparently can be easily set to
code 0. It should cost around US$ 250 (DM 500), and can even play
MP3 files from CD-Rom. However, audio and video quality are
not exactly high-fidelity, and you may have to get a firmware
update from your electronics dealer to play the Matrix DVD.

Manufacturer Homepage: review:

Regards, Dave
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