Hi Ron,

CNN have a website from which you can download video footage of some recent
broadcasts. I'm not sure if the one that you are looking for is there but it
is worth taking a look. If you don't have Internet Web access contact me off
list and I'll try to locate it for you. However I won't be able to do that
until I've met one or two impending deadlines. ;-)

They also sometimes sell video footage..... details of which should be on
their website...... their URL for the video footage is:

hope this helps,
take care,


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UWCN S. Wales

> I am trying to locate a copy of the recent broadcast on CNN (I believe) of
> FDR's 1st Inaugural Address (March 3, 1933) which was reconstructed from
> Universal Newsreels.  Any suggestions???
> Ron Wilson
> University of Kansas
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